Movies Worth Fighting For (Cross Talk Ep.5)

Sexism still exists.

No shit timotheories.

To all of my female readers and my genderless readers, yes you are correct, but bare with me a moment. I’m attempting to make a validating point about the problem of sexism, which is hard enough as it is, because A) I am not a woman and B) I am not a oppressed, like at all. So I realize I have to work hard to stay on top of this issue.

Sexism still exists, and tackling it requires full participation by everyone. Even if someone thinks they are separating themselves from the issue by making little jokes and poking fun at women, it’s 100% wrong and we should all have a zero tolerance policy about it.

When someone make disparaging comments about women, and what they can and cannot do based on their gender, they are being sexist. People should not do this in general, about anyone, but as mentioned, women as approximately 50% of people, encounter this way more often than any one demographic.

Now, I love movies, and as mentioned before on other posts, I’ve always found movies to be one of my best kept secrets to starting a conversation about pretty much anything. Which is why I want to use a movie to help to address sexism. Because I think you’ve probably forgotten about this one.




Great Mulan joke right? Well thats good because I have a confession to make.

I’m not a big fan of Frozen. I think it’s enjoyable, but it’s not one of my favourite Disney movies. I understand the premise and why people like it. It tilts the typical true love story on it’s head, empowers the female lead to save another female, and apparently the songs are catchy. However, I am a HUGE fan of another film that tilts the Disney princess formula and does a better job of it.

An incredibly under-appreciated little film that could called Mulan.

Mulan is a great film because it is based on a real Chinese legend about a lady who takes over for her father when army enlistment comes up. It received positive reviews at the time, but somehow it has been forgotten by Disney in their marketing because she cannot be identified as a princess.


On top of that, Mulan is way more real than all of the princesses – she doesn’t have makeup on when she wakes up, she eats well and enjoys food, she is clever, brave, a warrior, and creative. She is also fully capable of saving her loved one’s life too, and does it twice. Read this article for more proof of the under-appreciated genius that is Mulan.

Seriously, after you are done with this post you should go watch that film.

And speaking of film, we arrive at the meat of today’s Stimulating Sunday. It’s time for our monthly Cross Talk post! Figured out the theme yet?

You guessed it dear readers, under-appreciated films are the special of the day. I saved Mulan for the blog post, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as Chris and I go into a myriad of genres and other great films.

I’ve included a direct link to the full video for you here, but as always, the real action is just below for your convenience. Otherwise, please sit back and enjoy Episode 5 of Cross Talk!

I’m out of theories for now, but please check back tomorrow for a goo goo album review. It should be a good one! Please comment, subscribe and share this with you friends. We want to hear your feedback!


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