I Think We Need To Take A Break (Cross Talk Ep. 18)

I’m gonna keep the preamble short this time creative cuties – Sometimes franchises get stale.

And if I can be so bold as to use an analogy, franchises can very easily become like all relationships. If both parties don’t look past their differences, accept that the things they may have once loved now have a capacity for irritation, and focus on appreciating and nurturing the things that they generally DO like, then the relationship will experience fatigue.

What I’m basically saying is that you cannot change someone, that person has to decide to change on their own. But when you communicate about the things that bother you in a loving manner with no intent of changing the person, then there is room for growth.


After all, likes and dislikes are completely subjective, so that hair twirling which you “hate” may be completely endearing to someone else. Movies are complicated, okay?

A movie franchise which always leads in with the same soundtrack and repeats similar themes over and over again can be really good, but only if you appreciate those qualities. When it starts to get stale, it might be time to move on or potentially appeal to reason by spending your money on franchises which keep it interesting.

Which is why today, Chris and I explore what we think some franchises are doing right, what others continue to do despite not growing in other ways, and how others completely miss the mark and wonder why they are so lonely. It might be an exhaustive effort but this is what franchise fatigue does to us.

And because we know there are a few elephants in the room, we’re just gonna get the superheroes and space adventurers out of the way immediately – Because let’s face it, they are low hanging fruit.

This is episode eighteen of Cross Talk, and dammit if I ain’t proud of all the franchise staples we were able to come up with in under twenty five minutes. Now it’s your turn to take a breather, settle in with your favourite snack and meditate as we bring up some interesting theories on how to combat these challenges…

I am #sorrynotsorry for the relationship analogy, because I think all relationships take work and I have this great theory about how we can learn from people in addressing this topic. But if you watch the video you’ll see what I mean. Another day, another theory realized my friends.

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