Shirley, You Can’t Be Serious (Cross Talk Ep. 13)

Did you know that the grand tradition of the parody has been around since the time of ancient Greece, dear readers?

In fact, the word parody itself has Greek roots, dear readers. With par meaning “beside” and ody representing an “ode” or “song,” dear readers. Heck, even now in contemporary society, we have many instances of parody within our western culture, dear readers. Movies, music, television, and radio all take examples of this and recite them back to us, dear readers. It’s time to release the stinker of all Cross Talk episodes, dear readers – And quite frankly, I don’t give a damn if I make a reference or three along the way to get us thinking critically about spoofs, parodies, send-ups, take-offs, and lampoons, dear readers.


Are you getting sick of me ending each sentence with “dear readers” yet friends? Well, such is the nature of the spoof – it upends the pattern, announces habits, and amplifies characteristics of a common thing. It can be very frustrating to witness, but also incredibly entertaining, if you get the joke. After all, no one wants to be the punchline.

Yes spoofs are those works which have been made to imitate and then make fun of and/or comment on an original work with elements of satire and irony. These are often some of my favourite works of art. My art-ache if you will. My art-burn. My artery.

I’ll stop while I’m ahead.


I am sure it is very frustrating to see such direct reference from me on lampoonery, but the episode really does speak for itself, and more importantly you’ll find that some references are just too on the nose for me.

Which is why we decided to focus on how movies spoofs work for this week’s episode of Cross Talk. Some of the best examples I can think of are well laid out in this 25 minute piece of comic brilliance, and heck just for you, we’re introducing a guest speaker to the cast, by way of a good friend of mine – André Lindo.

This is episode thirteen of Cross Talk. Did I mention the new camera angles at play? No, well see if you can notice where we’ve taken some liberties with the form, and also please let us know if you like the new, shorter, and much better intro to the show. Cross Talk just keeps on keeping on mon copains.

I’m about theoried out for now friends, but I’ve gonna share a Common music review with you tomorrow which I think you’ll enjoy given the recent US election results. Otherwise, please comment, subscribe, and share this video with friends. We want to hear your feedback!


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