A Short, Impromptu, Review (timotheories April 2016)

Hey there, dear readers! It’s update time! It’s update time.

Come on in, sit down in your favourite chair with a hot beverage, and get super excited along with me… as I will be revealing my calendar of posts this month so you can set your own agendas and tune in at 9 PM MST in anticipation of the publish dates.


*Disclaimer* As always, every week I  purchase an album and movie one week ahead of the actual review release so if you follow me on instagram (@timotheories) you can see what’s coming.

I’ve decided to change things ever so slightly this time around and slot in the music and movie reviews as well, as long as I can acquire said hard copies in advance of the release. If I cannot, don’t be disappointed, I’ll find something equally as entertaining for you.

Read? Let’s dig right in and go over the April entries you can expect to see on timotheories, I’ve even included this week for easy recall later on –

Stimulating Sundays – (04/03) How enviornment effects creativity, (04/10) artist statements, (04/17) Cross Talk Ep.4, (04/24) Lisa Jones interview
Melodic Mondays – (04/04) Amon Amarth, (04/11) Weezer, (04/18) The Lumineers (04/25) M83
Theatrical Tuesdays – (04/05) The Hateful Eight, (04/12) Star Wars VII, (04/19) The Dark Knight Returns w/graphic novel (04/26) The Revenant
Wisdom Wednesdays – (04/06) the secret to apathy, (04/13) Twitter, (04/20) Buzzfeed, (04/27) dealing with burnout
Timely Thursday – (04/07) April 2016 review, (04/14) National Poetry month, (04/21) Earth Day, (04/28) flea markets

The year of all killer, no filler continues friends! That’s right, we’ve got some great theories to go over, lots of events to cover, a wicked cool interview with a visual artist, and Episode 4 of Cross Talk. Hint, it’s about film adaptations, and promises to be an awesome topic.


When you think of film adaptations, more often than not books come to mind, followed by television shows, and then video games, right? But we’re not just going to be covering examples of when those can work and when they fail, we are also going to discuss how peoples expectations can be unrealistic when it comes to how adaptations compare versus the source material.

Wheels turning yet? Good.

Now let’s talk more detail on the April timotheories interview. This month should be even better than previous entries, because we upped the visual quality of the lighting to accommodate this artist. She’s a painter with drive to innovate and change the world, one step at a time. But you’ll have to tune in to see what I’m writing about.

And now we’ve covered it all, my friends. You can rest easy knowing the quality of timotheories continues to support the community surrounding the arts, giving you a voice and information to pursue your passions. I’m about spent now, so I’ll leave you with these theories and see you again on Sunday to talk about artist statements.

Of course please leave some comments, to let us know what you want to see in coming months and subscribe to the blog too!


Spring Cleaning (timotheories March 2016)

Hey there, dear readers! It’s update time! Which of course means trading in a shorter post today for a preview of things to come this month.


*Disclaimer* As always, every week I  purchase an album and movie one week ahead of the actual review release so if you follow me on instagram (@timotheories), you should already know what’s coming up on March 7th and 8th! But EVEN I DON’T KNOW what is coming on the 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, and 29. Yet.

So let us dig in and I’ll cover off most of the March topics so you have an idea of what to expect this month on timotheories.

Stimulating Sundays – (03/06) March interview, (03/13) how my art practice works, (03/20) Cross Talk Ep.3, (03/27) routines of famous creatives
Melodic Mondays – (03/07) The 1975 are up next, (03/14) (03/21) (03/28) A MYSTERY! If a physical copy of The Life Of Pablo does show up in the stands, I’ll review it this month, #notholdingmybreaththough
Theatrical Tuesdays – (03/08) Room, (03/15) The Night Before, (03/22) (03/29)… more 2016 Oscars related entries!
Wisdom Wednesdays – (03/09) health matters, (03/16) time management, (03/23) Pinterest, (03/30) New Yorker art section
Timely Thursday – (03/10) Libraries, (03/17) look at some of my art, (03/24) a concert, (03/31) Easter

See, I promised you a year of all killer, no filler. And I think we’re delivering so far. Right?


And I was “mostly” correct with my video release predictions for February too. We shared the Lucas Chaisson interview, Cross Talk Ep.2, and the Space:Nunz interview. The only one that got messed up was RTG, but I can promise you this, the RTG videos are going to be more content packed then originally anticipated, so I will do what I can to begin releasing them in March, but it all depends on how quickly post-production wraps up.

Now let’s talk more detail on the March timotheories interviews. This month we have a very talented multi-talented artist who is big advocate on education and manages to learn, run a business, and make art at the same time. You aren’t going to want to miss this one folks!

AND last, but definitely not least Cross Talk Ep.3 begins production this weekend. Have you ever watched a movie, and years later learned that a remake was coming down the road? I’m sure you wondered if the remake was going to be a shot-for-shot duplication, an homage or a re-imagining. We’re going to dive into this top on March 20th, so be sure pencil it in!

And that’s it dear readers, now you are in the know. I’m out of theories and timely things for the week, so have an excellent weekend, and I’ll catch you on Sunday for this month’s interview!

Of course you can leave some comments, and subscribe to the blog too!


Now With Less Pulp (timotheories February 2016)

Hey there dear readers, today’s Timely Thursday post is gonna be relatively quick one. I just wanted to give you an update on some exciting developments coming down the pipe in the next few weeks.

The plan for a continued all killer, no filler year at timotheories is well under way and doesn’t look to slow down from here on out. It might just kill me put this content up on the regular, but I expect that it will be totally worth it. Let me break it down in a story for you…

You know that feeling when you buy the pasta at a restaurant because it’s cheap and you later regret the food baby in your belly? You could have got the slightly more expensive steak and vegetables, which not only would have given you your recommended intake of nutrients, but it would have left you feeling rosy?

NOT that I am endorsing either a carnivore or herbivore diet on timotheories, I leave that up to people much more invested in the ways of eating than I.

Feel free to substitute other protein rich foods like nuts, cottage cheese, etc. instead, if that’s your bag.

You don’t want to talk filler, trust me.

Which reminds me, if you think expressing music tastes can polarize a room, try talking about the kinds of food to eat and the ways to prepare them. Whoever teaches etiquette should really add that word to the list of table topics to avoid “at dinner” (of all ironies) or when “on the town.” That means don’t discuss food, music, money, religion, sex, and politics. Cut out the pulp.

So what can we talk about timotheories?

Well my friends, have I got something for you to share at the water cooler!

For starters, this weekend I am going to be recording the second episode of Cross Talk (intro post is here, episode is here) with cohost Chris Murphy. And we will be releasing that some time before the end of February – the topic is Realism VS Escapism in Film. Exciting, no?

Next up on the docket – timotheories interviews! I’ve been hinting at the release of the full length Lucas Chaisson interview since last Sunday, but this Sunday it’s going to be up in all of it’s glory. Preview clip below is here, in case you missed it last Sunday…

But that’s not it for interviews! Oh no! We’re also going to host the next of the interview series before the end of February; featuring a couple of musical comedians called Space Nunz. That promises to be a fun and fancy interview too!

AND last, but certainly not least, I’m going to put together the first ever Real Time Games (RTG) video for you. Explanation clip of RTG here. That’s right, I’ve mentioned it a couple of times now, but it’s finally going to show up into the rotation. So get ready for it sometime in soon! *Fingers crossed for February*

And that’s it dear readers, now you are in the know. I’m out of theories and timely things for the week, so have an excellent weekend, and I’ll catch you on Sunday for this month’s interview!




Piecing It Together (The Watch List redux)

For serious, it’s Sunday evening already? Man, time flies when you are having fun cleaning up the administrative mess left over from the previous year.

I’ve spent the better part of the weekend filing away emails, pictures, receipts and all manner of boring stuff that I only need occasionally, but regret it when it isn’t handy.

But that’s not what we’re here for today. Nope!

On the previous Timely Thursday entry I wrote about one of my major goals for 2016 – tackling The Watch List with more veracity. The reason for this venture is so that I can begin to share some thoughts and research on human behaviour and how we can learn a lot about what motivates us. My theory is that this is perfectly possible to do by participating in pop culture and it’s often more formal sister, the arts. And if we marry the sciences and arts together, we are better for it.

When I last left off, I had just outlined the guts of my movie diet for the year. But now I need to spell out my regimen for you. How I plan on doing this is threefold.

  1. Watch new movies as they come out in the theatre or are given a home release.
  2. Watch movies I have added to my collection during my bulk shopping routines (black friday, boxing day, store closeouts, discount bins, flea markets, etc.)
  3. Watch movies that are on the top rated lists of IMDB, ensuring I hit at least the top 10% or 25 movies of each genre

Point number one is pretty straight forward – I buy 1 new movie each week on a Monday, and review it before posting about it the following week. I also give you guys a heads up on my instagram if you want to know what’s coming. (@timotheories)

Point number two is also fairly straightforward. I currently have 88 movies to watch. Most of them were from Black Friday and Boxing Day of 2015, but roughly 10 of the movies were runoff from the previous shopping efforts of 2014. That means if I want to stay ahead of myself, I need to get those movies opened and enjoyed before November 25th 2016. Or to put it another way, in 44 weeks.

Point number three is where it gets interesting. I currenty have 951 movies on my list which I have not watched. It used to be at 1109, but my efforts between 2014 (142 watched movies) and 2014 (15 watched movies, sadly) bridged the gap somewhat.

This is why I said The Watch List would take a few years to complete – I knew when I first shared this project with you at the end of 2014 that I had been powering through movies, without any real schedule or rhythm. It would be impossible to keep up that rate without discipline, because while most of these movies are critically acclaimed, some of them are boring as shit, and even I get bored watching movies over and over without anything else going on.

Without going into too much detail, my 2014 was pretty subdued and movie watching was the highlight of that year.

So let’s talk numbers now!

If I keep up with my expectations of watching one movie a week for a review, and want to get through all of my bulk purchases before 2015 Black Friday, I need to watch two of those a week as well at the minimum.

If I am being completely unrealistic, I would need to tackle 18 Watch List movies a week to get through them all this year. I know that is unrealistic because if each movie is roughly 2 hours that 18 movie watch time is equivalent to a 40 hour work week. And let’s be honest, I have to work my day job, sleep, write blog posts, watch 3 other movies, and do other things like video editing, game night, reading, and attend local events to stay on top of my other timotheories goals.

So I’ve decided that I am going to commit to watching at least 1 movie from The Watch List a week, and I’ll try to squeeze in extra movies when I can. The challenge of course is whether Netflix and the public library have the catalogue I need, so I may be buying some of these films in my bulk purchases later in the year, which will allow for some cross-functional categories.

You see, dear readers, I have this theory, that if I stick to this schedule, I can get through this list and provide you with the content you need, curating it as I go, of course.

What do you think, is my list too crazy? If I only cross off 52 movies this year, I still have 900 to go. At this rate, I’ll complete it in 18 years. Welll, my hope is that I will start binge watching them on the weekends, and that I will bulk buy new movies less often as time goes on.

Please leave me some comments, encouragement, criticism, whatever! See you tomorrow for a music review!



Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé… Olé… Olé (Goal Setting)

In December of 2014, I wrote about a longstanding goal of mine and efforts I had made to set it up so I could eventually achieve it!

That goal was The Watch List.

I’ve referenced this goal a few times on this blog, because it’s a fun topic and seems a little silly, but mostly because it directly ties in with my bigger and longstanding goals of writing about the connections between pop culture, human behaviour, and living a successful life (which I’ve slowly been sharing with you, but will continue to build on as we go), I decided it was crucial to become a proper cinephile in order to contribute to the conversation.

Hence I went through the effort of visiting lists of the most popular as well as the most critically acclaimed movies ever made and committed to watch the best of the best.

The conditions I set up for myself were to sample from every film genre known to man, and use IMDB as a reference point for genres – 22 of them to be precise.

I removed movies that I had already seen from the lists, and created my own list to avoid duplicates. How I accomplished building this master list was by identifying all categories for each movie as I added it, that way when I would move on to another genre and look at the top 10% or top 25 movies if the genre was smaller, I didn’t add a movie twice or three times by accident.

Now The Watch List makes just a little bit more sense, right?

Today I want to share with you some developments in this project and a particular component of timotheories – Theatrical Tuesdays. Theatrical Tuesdays is my opportunity to either review a play or piece of theatre I’ve recently watched, a film which is currently in movie theatres or a movie that has been released on Digital HD, DVD and/or blu-ray.

I am choosing to do this for a few reasons.

  1. I want to stay on top of culture as it happens,
  2. It’s important to provide you with my perspective on it
  3. This forces me commit to the practice of viewing new content as it comes out, rather than just watching or purchasing what I am comfortable with when I feel like it

Some of you dear readers might think that this is an easy process and does not take any effort on my part – trust me when I tell you that it does. I have to commit to being available once a week within a certain window of time so that I buy the film (and often the album for Melodic Mondays), and then committing to a window of time to watch the film, and finally setting aside the time to write about the film.

This means I need to maintain discipline and say “no” to certain activities OR prepare posts well ahead of posting time so that I am consistently releasing these posts on schedule. As a consequence, my personal film collection grows by at least 1 film a week. Which is cool, but doesn’t necessarily guarantee I am watching a film that fits into those top rated lists, especially because the content on webistes like IMDB are curated over weeks of time and the top movies aren’t necessarily in said list exactly when they are released.

And this process also fights with my progress on The Watch List. Which is why I only watched a handful of movies from the list in 2015.

Another challenge I face with completing The Watch List is that I purchase blu-rays en masse during Boxing Day, Black Friday and during closeout sales or special events where movies are on sale. At those times I am buying releases I missed over the course of the year and movies I want to add to my collection.

With those types of purchases (bulk buys, not weekly review buys) I have decided to file the movies away once I’ve opened them and watched them. That way I’m not only collecting, I am also making use of my purchases. Because of this method of collecting, my collection is currently sitting at about 650 movies, and approximately 350 of those are blu-rays.

Now you are probably wondering how many movies I own but have yet to watch correct? 89 of them.

One week has already passed in 2016, which leaves me with another 51 weeks left to watch those 89 movies – if I want to stay ahead of my bulk purchasing habits and have fresh inventory for 2017. So that means I need to up my game.

But that’s not what today was about, today was about sharing with you what is going on. You’ll have to wait until Sunday to see how I’m going to address this issue.

What a tease, am I right? It is Timely Thursday after all! So leave some comments, tell me what your goals are for 2016, and how you are personally impacting the arts. I wanna hear what you have to say!

Until next time, I’m out of theories for now!