Instructions Not Included (Glass Animals, How To Be A Human Being review)

Being a human being, is sometimes about being, and sometimes it’s more than being human.

I personally want for nothing when it comes to emotions, experiencing most of what life has to offer in my nerve-endings. Though there are some highs I’ll likely never witness, but that’s okay. Biologically I’m a special snowflake, and I know that I can’t compete with every other life model out there – limited edition baby.

Know what I’m sayin’?




Glass Animals – How To Be A Human Being
released August 26, 2016
********** 10/10


Glass Animals are an English indie rock band that make indie rock.

Just kidding, they are an indie rock band that combine psychedelic pop, trip hop, electronica, and R&B together to make their sweet sweet music. They have been active since 2012 and have made two studio length albums through their associations with Wolf Tone, Caroline International, and Harvest Records. Lead vocalist Dave Bayley had originally planned to go to medical school, but the band was picked up after Adele’s producer Paul Epworth saw the band performing.

These guys are eclectic as fuck. And I realize that’s not very poetic, but as you spend time with that sentence, you’ll start to dig back some layers, much like what I experienced as I listened to this album over quite a few listens. I found it very difficult to put down and even more difficult to not sing along as I learned the music and lyrics, letting my imagination run with the music.

Glass Animals are really good at jam packing a song full of weird noises and making it sound like there wasn’t any other option. The hooks are catchy and the beats are clean, not to mention that this is an album about people. Featuring anecdotes from people, though we’ll never know if those samples are staged or not. But I’m not sure it really matters, because the cornucopia assembled here just worked rather well. I’m gonna have a hard time putting this one down, and that’s saying a lot because I really liked the new Goo Goo Dolls, Weezer, Radiohead, The 1975 and Kendrick Lamar albums I’ve reviewed this year, but I seem to have pineapples in my head now courtesy of Pork Soda. And I want to play Nintendo mainly because of Season 2 Episode 3.

It’s an album of diversity and empathy. Mama’s Gun has an orchestral quality to it, but the lyrics reveal a disturbed portrait of a woman on a mission of remembrance, and it’s beautiful to listen to – It actually gave me goosebumps. And then they follow it up with the hip hop genius of Cane Shuga.

This is not your parent’s concept album folks, it’s full of human beings being human. There is no real start, middle or ending, because you can listen to anyone of these tracks separately or as the authors intended. That’s the rollercoaster of life. It’s lonely, but yet in that loneliness there is a comfort knowing we all collectively share that experience – full of happiness, sadness, anger, tears, sex, humour, and a host of other feelings.




An excellent survey into the human condition all in all. These guys might be glass animals, but they know a thing or two about being human. Join me here tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel for another pop culture sensation from the 1960s, reimagined.



Tell Tale Art (National Poetry Month)

I’m sure many of you have stories about how much you hated reading poetry and learning about the hidden meaning of poems when you were growing up. Especially in junior high, also know as those years between 12-15 years old, if you aren’t Canadian.

I’ve always loved to read and to write myself, but I’ve never had much of an attention span for reading at hours on end, unless I was really committed to a book, but not much can do that.

Which is why I often enjoyed poems.

Poems can be short and sweet or incredibly long, because their forms vary between generations, authors and cultures. I think of it like this, if you can enjoy music, you certainly can enjoy a poem. Because poems can serve a similar purpose, invoking emotion.

But a fair number of people ignore poetry because it doesn’t have that same sexy appeal as music. Music can be enjoyed socially (more easily), you can dance to it, and you can walk away and then come back to it.

Which is probably why academics of the form became discouraged in the 1990s and decided to do something about it, to get your attention and share the beauty of the form.

National Poetry Month is an event in the United States which takes place every April and is celebrating it’s 20th year of existence.

Did you know that the Academy of American Poets came up with the celebration after the success of Black History Month (February) and Women’s History Month (March)? Now I am not going to assume any authority on black rights and women’s rights, because I am neither black nor a woman and I don’t know what it’s like to be either, but doesn’t mean that poetry and political rights are on the same level.

I can write that statement fairly safely. But you know what that tells me about poetry, a written art form that often gets the short end of the stick? We don’t give it nearly enough respect.

Luckily for me, you, and everyone else who loves to read beautiful words, national poetry month has grown rather organically over the past 20 years and publishers have taken note. Taken from Wikipedia:

Each year, publishers, booksellers, educators and literary organizations use April to promote poetry: publishers often release and publicize their poetry titles in April, teachers and librarians focus on poetry units during the month; and bookstores and reading series frequently hold special readings. National Poetry Writing Month encourages writing a poem a day in celebration.

Canada joined the efforts in 1999 and has been supporting this event ever since, so Canadians like timotheories benefit from this as well.

What is most fascinating to me about this month is the ability to draw up debate amongst its supporters and antagonists, because by drawing attention to poetry every April it draws attention to the art form, but potentially detracts from other months when writers release new works.

The National Poetry Website of course has some great content to help celebrate the history of poetry while encouraging increased publication and distribution of books to support poets and poetry. How the organization highlights the history of the form is through sharing both living poets and classic poets with readers, introducing poetry into the school curriculum, and facilitating positive attention through traditional media and the internet.

The website even has a list of 30 ways to celebrate National Poetry Month. As you folks know already, I love list. But I’m not going to share the whole thing with you, just a taster.

Some of my favourite suggestions are as follows

  1. memorize a poem
  2. buy a book of poetry from a bookstore
  3. attend a poetry reading
  4. read a poem at an open mic
  5. learn about the different poetic forms

Now I’m not expecting you to leap onto the poetry train while it’s running full bore, but just consider for a minute that this type of creative writing could provide you with an experience you just cannot get from music or long form literature. Start with the more well known favourites like T. S. Eliot or Robert Frost and do yourself a favour and investigate another area of the arts. It may only be a theory right now, but growth only happens through change.

That’s all I have this week my friends, I hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves! Come back on Sunday for a new episode of Cross Talk, and of course, comment, subscribe and share!


A Short, Impromptu, Review (timotheories April 2016)

Hey there, dear readers! It’s update time! It’s update time.

Come on in, sit down in your favourite chair with a hot beverage, and get super excited along with me… as I will be revealing my calendar of posts this month so you can set your own agendas and tune in at 9 PM MST in anticipation of the publish dates.


*Disclaimer* As always, every week I  purchase an album and movie one week ahead of the actual review release so if you follow me on instagram (@timotheories) you can see what’s coming.

I’ve decided to change things ever so slightly this time around and slot in the music and movie reviews as well, as long as I can acquire said hard copies in advance of the release. If I cannot, don’t be disappointed, I’ll find something equally as entertaining for you.

Read? Let’s dig right in and go over the April entries you can expect to see on timotheories, I’ve even included this week for easy recall later on –

Stimulating Sundays – (04/03) How enviornment effects creativity, (04/10) artist statements, (04/17) Cross Talk Ep.4, (04/24) Lisa Jones interview
Melodic Mondays – (04/04) Amon Amarth, (04/11) Weezer, (04/18) The Lumineers (04/25) M83
Theatrical Tuesdays – (04/05) The Hateful Eight, (04/12) Star Wars VII, (04/19) The Dark Knight Returns w/graphic novel (04/26) The Revenant
Wisdom Wednesdays – (04/06) the secret to apathy, (04/13) Twitter, (04/20) Buzzfeed, (04/27) dealing with burnout
Timely Thursday – (04/07) April 2016 review, (04/14) National Poetry month, (04/21) Earth Day, (04/28) flea markets

The year of all killer, no filler continues friends! That’s right, we’ve got some great theories to go over, lots of events to cover, a wicked cool interview with a visual artist, and Episode 4 of Cross Talk. Hint, it’s about film adaptations, and promises to be an awesome topic.


When you think of film adaptations, more often than not books come to mind, followed by television shows, and then video games, right? But we’re not just going to be covering examples of when those can work and when they fail, we are also going to discuss how peoples expectations can be unrealistic when it comes to how adaptations compare versus the source material.

Wheels turning yet? Good.

Now let’s talk more detail on the April timotheories interview. This month should be even better than previous entries, because we upped the visual quality of the lighting to accommodate this artist. She’s a painter with drive to innovate and change the world, one step at a time. But you’ll have to tune in to see what I’m writing about.

And now we’ve covered it all, my friends. You can rest easy knowing the quality of timotheories continues to support the community surrounding the arts, giving you a voice and information to pursue your passions. I’m about spent now, so I’ll leave you with these theories and see you again on Sunday to talk about artist statements.

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