I Know What I Know, You Know? (timotheories December 2016)


Everybody loves Christmas right? Something something winter wonderland.

Well, all I really know is that it has finally snowed in Edmonton and in a sizeable fashion. AND because I started a new relationship recently with a wonderful lady, literally everything is magic. It’s magic dammit!

So many feels too.

Speaking of feels, I declare it officially appropriate to do your Christmas(y) things now.


Which means that it’s also important I invest a little of my blog calendar to Christmas related activities and culture, because after all, I’m as white as the damn snow and this is what I know. Rhyme unintended, but conveniently placed for effect. Also, I’d like to give you all fair warning that I will be taking the last week of December off for Christmas and New Years, and to reflect upon the past year, potentially to also come up with some cool ideas for 2017. And maybe watch a metric ton of movies.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

*Disclaimer* As always, every week I purchase an album and movie one week ahead of the actual review release and while I have the best intentions, I don’t always get what I want… so if you follow me on instagram (@timotheories) you can actually see what’s coming.

timotheories summarized – December

Stimulating Sundays – (12/04) Georg Rockall-Schmidt, (12/11) Cross Talk Ep.14, (12/18) Cross Talk Ep. 15
Melodic Mondays – (12/05) The Weeknd, (12/12) The Rolling Stones, (12/19) Michael Buble
Theatrical Tuesdays – (12/06) Hell or High Water, (12/13) Don’t Think Twice, (12/20) Die Hard
Wisdom Wednesdays – (12/07) Jobs, (12/14) Arnold Schwarzenegger, (12/21) Good Will
Timely Thursday – (12/01) timotheories December, (12/08) Megan Warkentin exhibition, (12/15) Singing Christmas Tree, (12/22) Christmas

Can you believe it dear readers, friends, and creative cuties? The year of all killer, no filler is drawing to a close. That means I need to come up with a new theme soon, but for now, let’s look at what’s on the menu for December…


There are some great album and film reviews lined up, and a couple of Xmas themed classics for your enjoyment too. Then the wisdom continues as I read a book by Arnold Schwarzenegger for starters, I’ll  continue my series on the OECD index about health and well-being with some thoughts on “jobs”, and then I’ll cap it off with some theories on good will. Our timely entries for the month feature my friend Megan’s graduation exhibition, a couple of Christmas events, and oddly enough, the day in particular.

I already know I’m on the naughty list for not following through with twelve unique interviews each month in 2016, but let’s be honest with ourselves folks, these interview previews have really taken off, eh? And Georg has such a wealth of information that I just HAD to give him two preview clips last month, so now we top off his entry proper with a legit full-length interview.

What about Cross Talk you say? Everyone’s always wondering about Cross Talk. Well Cross Talk isn’t going anywhere, in fact I’m gonna keep adjusting the group rotation and really aim for a weekly rotation into 2017, but for now I’ve got Episode 14 and 15 in the can, heck, we might even see about Episode 16 if I can squeeze it in somewhere… pacing, essentials, and wisdom for sure.

That’s literally all of the theories I have left in 2016, you magical makers. I want you to pat yourselves on the back for making it this far, and really enjoy this month. We’ve got some great stuff lined up, and now is the best time to give the gift of subscribing to the blog, sharing it with friends, leaving some helpful comments, and contacting me to let me know what you love, what you hate, and how you relate.

Spreading the love the only way I know how. With theories.



Ante Up! (timotheories 2016)

Well, another year over, and a new one just begun. (Or to put it another way – I think 2015 was great, but for 2016 I just can’t wait!)

Have you ever listened to that original Christmas song by John Lennon and Yoko Ono? It’s called Happy Xmas (War Is Over), which might be obvious to you if you like(d) The Beatles, were alive in the 70’s and/or are British.

This is one of those songs which everyone has heard in some capacity, but I suspect that not all of us realize the connection with John Lennon. I mention this because it has been covered A LOT in the past couple of decades by a number of different recording artists.

The one that I am most familiar with and enjoy the most is done by an emo indie band called Sense Field. They were popular in the early 2000s and similar in sound to Jimmy Eat World if that helps you get a sense of what to expect from them. Check the song out here, you might enjoy it.

Anyways, it’s time to start connecting the dots.

I hope all of you enjoyed your Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Festivus breaks, dear readers, because it’s time to make this year on timotheories the most memorable one yet!

It’s incredibly convenient that memories serve as little reminders of a mission completed, a task checked off, of a lesson learned. Don’t you think?

And that is what today is all about. You see, I took a week off of timotheories if you haven’t visited us in a while.

I did this because it was Christmas time for me, my family, and girlfriend’s family. I always plan my life this way around the Christmas and New Year’s season, because I know that a lot of things go down at this time of year, and it can be difficult to fit it all in if I don’t make room in my schedule for it.

Which is why it’s time for me to get started with taking my organization to the next level, and I’m going to share some of my plans with you to inspire you and to also give you a better idea of what to expect after the Timely Thursday post I left you with on December 24th. Check it out here for a refresher.

You see I’ve been sick the past couple of days, and whenever I get sick, I get to thinking and I also get to movie watching. It’s always been something I’ve done when I was under the weather. Think about life, make adjustments, and watch movies.

Which may be part of the reason why I invented the Watch List.

And so I’ve come up with a short list of what to expect for sure in 2016, though there will definitely be some surprises in store too. Below is what I’ve thought about during my time away.

  1. I am going to put together an interview with a local artist and release it every month. That means 12 interviews this year. This will go on my timotheories YouTube channel, currently called timotheories Interviews. Exciting right?
  2. For the first time ever, timotheories will start releasing another series of videos on my YouTube channel called timotheories presents CrossTalk – where I and my not yet named co-host will address themes which are hidden in films. It will feel like a conversation, as opposed to a “best of”, “top 10”, “review” series. Think barroom philosophy meets YouTube production. This will likely also be released once a month, but the frequency will depend on how often we can get content together
  3. I host a weekly “game night” at my house which has now come under the fold of timotheories presents Real Time Games. Real Time Games is a recognition of the inherent value of socialization in an ever-inward facing world and a challenge to pick up board games to get much needed interaction with other human beings. We will be releasing video reviews (minimum one a month) that explain the game in a fun and straightforward way. We make board games accessible for all.
  4. I am going to continue to release 5 posts a week under the main timotheories banner.
    • Stimulating Sunday posts will be about theories in the arts and new content to the brand
    • Melodic Monday posts will feature music reviews (either local or international)
    • Theatrical Tuesday posts will zero in on film releases (in cinema or for home) and local theatre
    • Wisdom Wednesday posts will provide you with ideas for your art practice and motivation
    • Timely Thursday posts will be topical, whether it’s what is going on in the world or more personal

And that’s about it for theories right now!

It might seem a little ambitious my friends, but I promise that the further along we go, the more this will benefit you and by the time 2016 is over, we’ll be surprised by all that has been accomplished.

Check back tomorrow for an exciting album review and if you want to hear more about my personal goals for 2016, be sure to tune in on Thursday for another timely post!