That’s The Ticket! (Garneau Theatre)

Another week, another game night in process, which inevitably leads to one of my favourite nights tomorrow – date night!

To be honest, I never thought I would be a date night kinda guy, but live and learn. You can be romantic and pragmatic at the same time; the success of the variables and resulting sense of wonder all come down to what you do, and how you accomplish it.

Date night started as a way for me to ensure that I spend uninterrupted time with my belle at least one evening of the week. Now of course, we also spend a lot of time together on the weekends, but that is usually focused on running errands, social events, and spending time with other loved ones as a unit.

Such is the way of the 21st century couple. And I’ve accepted it. Between social media, the daily commute, and the pace of everyone else seems to live their lives – quality time requires quality effort.

Which means that I have to plan these nights out, have an exit strategy and come up with contingency plans regularly.

You single types might scoff at my planning, and you long term teams might think me silly, but I know that this part of the mix is what keeps a relationship interesting. Consequently, I don’t always have ideas chest-bursting their way into my consciousness.


Lovely image, no?

But my girlfriend, in her ever present, weird, and wise ways accidentally gave me an idea for this weeks date night, and also a reminder for you art enthusiasts.

And continuing with the bad puns, before I get into today’s Timely Thursday post, I need to get something off my chest.


I kind of promised I would let you know how the ice castles were didn’t I?

Well, be informed and intrigued because… the Ice Castles team doesn’t disappoint at all! There are a number of beautiful displays inside the castle: a fireplace, a slide, a throne room, caves, and an expert describing the ice castle construction process. The think the best part hands down though was that the walls and ceilings of the castle were sculptures themselves. There wasn’t a spot in the entire area that wasn’t visually gorgeous.

Now on to more pressing matters. The art related thing I am going to check out tomorrow evening and which I think you should look into as well.

Believe it or not, small independently run cinema exists in the capital city of Edmonton. And they play films which aren’t major releases.

If you have never been to the Garneau Theatre (8712 109th st) or The Princess Theatre (10337-82 Ave) then it is high time you try watching a movie in classic movie seats with wooden arms and almost non-existent leg room.

The reason to do this is not only for the experience of film in a more traditional format, of course, but because they show independent films, allow you to rent the space for live theatre, and they are a part of Edmonton’s history.

Edmonton’s Metro Cinema (a non-for-profit society) took control of the modernist desigend Garneau Theatre back in 2011 and haven’t looked back since, offering new films daily and significant maintenance to the property as it is now a designated Municipal Historic Resource.

But that’s not all.

Metro Cinema Society has a really solid belief statement (taken from their website)!

Metro Cinema Society believes that film and video are significant art forms and means of communication. We believe that many innovative films and videos are overlooked by conventional theatres including independent, international, and Canadian productions…

To this end, Metro exhibits an eclectic blend of film, video and media arts, that are not screened anywhere else in the city. Metro’s focus is on presenting a broad selection of educational, cultural and innovative works. The Society operates with the ongoing assistance of a large volunteer base. We regularly distribute a program, facilitate discussion, and bring in artists.


Bingo. They work with artists and are excited about bringing in unusual film, video and media. This is exactly the kinds of things that local Edmontonians need to know about and you creative types need to get involved with. If you care about film, support groups like this and become part of the discussion!

So what am I going to go see tomorrow night? Well I can’t tell you that just yet, otherwise the mystery goes away. But I promise you it will be a fun time.

That’s all the theories I’ve got this week, dear readers. I hope you have a fantastic weekend, make art, see people you care about, and take in something cultural. I’ll see you on Sunday evening for something stimulating.


My Friend Gwen (timotheories presents: Real Time Games)

Running, running
As fast as we can
Do you think we’ll make it?
(Do you think we’ll make it?)
We’re running
Keep holding my hand
It’s so we don’t get separated

If you’ve been following my blog for a little while now, you may have noticed I have a bit of a thing for Gwen Stefani and obviously No Doubt too.

I don’t necessarily mean a sexual thing, I mean yes, technically she is attractive. That’s empirically evident. Ask any woman, and she’ll tell you Stefani is a good looking woman. And she takes care of herself.

And no, I don’t mean that she has to be physically fit in order to look good, I just mean that it is clear to me that she is being who she needs to be in order to be a useful adult, and take care of her children.

But what does that have to do with this weeks post? Well not a lot, to be perfectly honest. Just kidding, most of what I post has some relation to the theme. For instance, I associate certain words with pop culture, especially when I am on auto-pilot.

Also, I’m feeling rushed today.

Remember last week on timotheories (this past Stimulating Sunday), when I mentioned that I would be hosting a weekly game night in my humble abode?

Of course you do, dear readers, you have memories like elephants, and you always keep me in line.


Well I’m hosting my first publicly notified game night, tonight. And so I am rushing around. Hence, the word running being trapped in my noggin, and the associated No Doubt lyrics along with it.

Okay I’ll admit this post might feel a little rushed when you are reading it, but it is Timely Thursday after all, so that feeling is not out of place, especially when you stop and think about it.

But I’m not here to write more about the value of board games, no I want to talk about Real Time Games (RTG). The board game group that I am starting with my youngest brother Ryan.

RTG is a simple idea started by a couple of board game enthusiasts where we play games with people we know once a week. Now we’re not just going to be playing Monopoly and Pictionary mind you.

RTG is about people and sharing the joy of board games with them.

And so we will play different games every week, with the intent of also sharing reviews on a fair number of the games that wee play. So stay tuned as that idea unfolds. Because I think you are going to really enjoy what we have to say.

Let me give you an overview of how RTG is going to get it’s message out there.

  1. We’ll share what kind of game it is
  2. We’ll talk about the art and design components
  3. We’ll describe the quality of the game (enjoyment)
  4. We’ll go over the pros and cons
  5. We’ll explain what makes the game unique
  6. We’ll consider if there is anything that could be fixed

But that’s just a slice of the pizza pie.

We will also put together a second review video that details the following

  1. Game set up
  2. Watching the game in progress
  3. Special rules and strategies
  4. Highlights of play from a game night

That sounds super cool Tim! But wait, did you say video back there?

Very observant my friends, yes, yes I did. Well the truth is, I will be making reviews with Ryan, and potentially a special guest at some point. But these reviews aren’t primarily going to feature on timotheories. They might get special mention from time to time, or be used as a vehicle for an idea, but RTG is going to stay on YouTube in my timotheories group for the time.

Now I happen to think that is pretty cool, and it’s timely, because it’s something happening in Edmonton. If you live here, and are interested in attending a session, please send me a comment or look for timotheories presents: RTG on Facebook.

I just might even share my trials and triumphs in the recording process with you as I experience the fun of video.

Before I close out this post though, let’s make reference to that Gwen Stefani association one more time. See, by hosting something that gets me out of my comfort zone, but which revolves around something I am passionate about, I’m emulating after one of my role models.

And that is one of timotheories focal points, to foster positive experiences with the arts. Because it makes us better people. But that’s just my theory. What do you think? Leave me a comment or two!


Bored? Games! (Social Value of Table Top Games)

A wise man named Roger H. Lincoln once said that

There are two rules for success…

1. Never reveal everything you know

I’ve happily been following this line of thought for the past year, slowly but surely revealing my ideas and goals for this blog. Most of which have been met with positive reception so far. I say most because I haven’t received any negative comments or messages, so I have no way of knowing if my content is creating negative waves in the local community or the great online one.

But what you don’t know can’t hurt you, right?

Dear readers, I want to share with you a theory I have about board games. I haven’t made any waves about board games since my last post about them, so this seemed as good a time as any to share with you some ideas I’ve come across with regards to the inherent value of playing them.

Board games have rules and a particular outcome. This much is obvious.

But did it ever occur to you that board games also provide a conceptual framework for us to temper our talent and untapped abilities into organized, thoughtful, and decisive results? If we can navigate the challenges of life, then we can more easily succeed.

Board games are great for spending dedicated and fun time with your loved ones. They can also build self-esteem for those seeking positive attention from people they care about, because let’s face it, most board games require you to physically interact with the person in front of you.

They are analog games, after all.

Now, and this is especially true for children, these types of games are also fantastic devices for mastering new skills in visual perception and mental reasoning, as well as fostering a sense of healthy competition.

Maybe you knew this already but these games are great vehicles for strengthening your attention span in an ever tech dependant world where instant gratification on our mobile devices is always within reach. I am especially sensitive to this issue because I believe we should never put all of our eggs in one basket.

Yeah another cliche. Let’s keep moving forward though.

And on the side of social skills, you can learn how to communicate better verbally because you have to share and/or use resources, take turns, and have shared experiences.

Philosophically, the most important message in board games can be taken from my favourite line of Galaxy Quest.

Never give up. Never surrender. Just like in life, there is a certain amount of chance to events, and if you stick it out for a few more turns, you just might roll double sixes or a D20… But you have to stay in the game.

And here we arrive dear readers, at the apex of the post, the reason I started off with that initial quote, and of which I will not reveal my entire game plan, pun intended, but which will give you creative types some ideas too, hopefully.

timotheories is about to embark on a weekly adventure, which will be held every Thursday night, just in time for the Timely Thursdays posts to drop into your inbox.

That’s right! I’ve been casually hosting a board game night with one of my brothers and friend for the past year, but the time has arrived for RTG (Real Time Games) to make it’s face known to the community. We are going to play games every week, and we are also going to occasionally share our experiences playing them, providing some theories on the games themselves, and hopefully about the pastime in its current state and our part in it.

The current plan is to post an event each week on my FB group account, with what game(s) we will be playing, and get some footage of the experience, then I will be sharing the games we play on my instagram account @timotheories and the video reviews will be available on my YouTube channel (

I promise there will be lots of laughs, some informative bits, and potentially something for anyone hoping to see something slightly different than a typical review channel.

If we stick through this, I think we will all find that we can learn something from playing these types of games and maybe some new theories will crop up. But what do you think? What kinds of board games do you play? Do you have any favourite memories with board games growing up? Do you dislike them and why? Leave some comments!


Haters Gonna Hate (Address Negativity)

I am a big fan of memes. I always try to inject them into my conversations whenever I can.

Cultural idioms like memes are awesome because they provide us with quick references in our conversations or whatever media we are consuming at the time. In Western culture we are so fortunate to be able to receive both visual and written information in a multitude of ways, though I do recognize there are diverging viewpoints on the inherent value of this variety of options. Probably one of my favourite examples is sending a meme to a friend when texting. With a couple of quick key strokes you can share a picture (with text) that gets your point across infinitely quicker than the written word.

And we will need to keep that in mind for today’s topic, because I want to talk about board games. Yes, board games.

Did you know that board games have been around throughout history? Reaching as far back as 3500 BC in Egypt. For real.

Maybe this is simply my personal experience and opinion, but I have always thought that board games are really entertaining because they are both fun and challenging – a great way to connect with others, have some laughs, and potentially learn something about yourself at the same time. Many board games involve both luck and strategy. What I find most interesting about them though is that there are varying amounts of randomness involved.

The polarizing effect of this randomness in gaming has resulted in many variations on existing board game formats and the invention of new ones as well, and especially with the significant growth witnessed in the gaming community since the beginning of the 21st century, there are now copious options when choosing a game to play.

But what does this have to do with memes, dear readers?

I’ve played my share of games (at one time in my life, I was participating in weekly game nights on both Tuesdays AND Thursdays), and I’ve noticed a few things both inside the gaming community and outside of it – haters gonna hate.

Some people like board games, and some really really DON’T. And within the community, when it comes to the luck/randomness factor of board games, some people love randomness and some people really really DON’T.

In case you don’t already know, the phrase “haters gonna hate”, is a vehicle for the idea that no matter what you do, and where you are, you will always run into people who disagree with you and will try to knock you back. Not necessarily because they are envious, but because they simply disagree with your lifestyle choice. So why bother fighting the haters? Accept that they exist, and learn to ignore their taunts.

And here is an interesting fact: the phrase “haters gonna hate” first showed up in popular culture in the lyrics of a song called “Playas Gon’ Play” by 3LW in early 2000.

You should check it out.

It’s catchy and relevant for good life habits. Also, I think there is a neat little correlation between the rise in popularity of board games and the invention of the phrase.

So what should you do about haters if you like to play board games? Or if you have any interest that you are pursuing and are running into opposition? This list below covers it off nicely. See this for Tim Ferriss interview for reference.

1. Focus on your fans

2. Don’t apologize and don’t respond

3. Don’t try to please everybody

4. If you’re doing it right, people WILL be negative

5. Learn to enjoy criticism and be thought foolish

6. Don’t retaliate

7. Take it in stride and keep moving

What it comes down to is really simple, if you like randomness in your board games, then that is perfectly acceptable for you, as there are tons of boardgames out fulfill those needs. Card decks which are pulled form, spinners and timers, and the most common, the six-sided die, are all great examples of that luck attribute.

But if you don’t like those elements, there are a great number of strategic games and social games that employ different methods.

If you want to learn more, is a fantastic resource for this.

I am tapped out on the theories for now, but remember, haters gonna hate. Do not let that stop you from pursuing your interests. What kinds of struggles have you run into recently in the creative arenas? I want to know, so send me an email or leave a comment!