Is Netflix Controlling Your Destiny? (Cross Talk Ep.1)


It’s here, it’s finally here! I’ve been promising something new and different for weeks now, but it’s finally here! You asked for more theories, straight from Tim himself, and I am giving you exactly what you have asked for.

This new format is going to be something special for sure.

You know how you go to your computer and you turn it on, and then you realize that not only are there files in there, but there is also a network of people and information which is at your fingertips?*

*Provided you have a home which you own, are paying off, or which you rent from a land lord. Plus a valid internet connection which you need to acquire from an internet service provider. Oh and also electricity which comes from a utilities provider.

Well, just for you dear readers, I’ve decided to put together a new monthly video series called Cross Talk with my very good friend Chris Murphy.

It’s clever you see, because we sit across from each other and talk about interesting topics related to the arts.

But who the heck is this Chris guy, and how come he is special enough to get a monthly series with you Tim?

Well, I’ve known Chris for almost 8 years and in that time I have learned a few things about him. First, he is just as invested in film, literature, and community as I am, but he is also doing it with a little more gusto. And second, he has a little bit of wisdom on me, which is always needed for the timotheories brand.

So I recruited him into the timotheories fold.

Chris is charming, challenging, and captivating to witness in action, so you are assured of a treat when you carry on a conversation with him. YouTube will probably only emulate his gusto at 60% power, so be prepared for a whirlwind of discussion, all from the comfort of home – well A home. It’s not your home we filmed this episode in, but to you local fans out there, there is always the future.

But what the heck are you going to talk about on your channel with Chris a minimum of 1x a month timotheories?

Good question, you sharp young readers! It’s all about the balance of barroom philosophy and pop culture discussion on a couch. We’ll frame our discussions around the topic of film and do this while attempting to actively avoid the typical things that experts do when they talk about film. We aren’t here to review, and we don’t really want to list off our top 10’s, but we’ll be incredibly excited to go over the under appreciated films and shower thoughts you may have had, but didn’t mull over too much.

First up is the topic of – How movie reviews and popular opinion influence your viewing habits.

I’ve included a direct link to the video for you here, but in case you don’t want to navigate away from us, here it is below too!

But that’s all the theories I’ve got for today. Whew.

I’m excited to see what you have to say about the first entry, and I hope your Sunday evening is the best one yet! See you tomorrow evening my friends with another Melodic Monday post, this time from an up-and-comer who reached out to me directly. You won’t want to miss it!


Culture Shock, Or How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love Myself (timotheories presents: Video Interviews)

If I were to tell you that a particular musical act was eponymous with androgyny in the mid 1980’s you just might get into an argument with me based on my answer.

But you would probably be wrong if you did.

So what musical act do I have in mind, you ask? Well I would argue that Boy George of Culture Club is probably the best example of this fluid behaviour. Mostly because that group won awards right out of the international gate and their image was a major part of their identity.

Sure you could say that Michael Jackson was influential at the time, but his significance to pop culture started from a young age and spanned a much wider cultural net – and the dude got some major accolades. *cough* King of Pop *cough*. And David Bowie is another great choice for sure, but he was a major influencer in the 70’s already, so that takes him out of the equation too. And yeah Annie Lennox is a great example for sure – I mean, I love the Eurythmics, but they didn’t win a Grammy award for Best New Artist.

Culture Club did though. For 1983.

Know what song they released that year? Karma Chameleon.

Now that I have put together enough preamble to get you thinking about a really fun song from a great English band, I’m going to ask you to think about something related to that particular song; because that’s what I usually do for you fine folks, I weave things together that a lot of people might not necessarily bother with.

Interesting anecdote about the meaning of the song – Boy George said to Fred Bronson (The Billboard Book of #1 Hits ) that “The song is about the terrible fear of alienation that people have, the fear of standing up for one thing. It’s about trying to suck up to everybody. Basically, if you aren’t true, if you don’t act like you feel, then you get Karma-justice, that’s nature’s way of paying you back.”

I have written about these ideas of maintaining your cool and holding onto your identity before in at least one other post, but I have not really talked, err I mean written, about the implications of it yet. Especially for people whose professions depend on being emotionally available to borrowing other identities regularly. *cough* foreshadowing *cough*

But guys and gals I am not going to lead you on, I will cut to the chase.

I have been working hard in the lab, cooking up something even more exciting than audio based interviews. Yep, that’s right, I’m moving onwards and upwards.

I bought some camera equipment, started to mess around on iMovie and some other video editing software. Truth be told, I already have 3 VIDEO INTERVIEWS in various stages of completeness – which I hope to start pushing off the assembly line in a rather regular fashion very soon.


And guess what, dear readers? I’m interviewing other kinds of artists now, not solely illustrators and graphic designers.

For starters, I will be posting an interview with a triple threat actor, singer, and dancer. Following that, I will be posting a neat discussion I had with a visual artist who mainly works in the painting medium, and after THAT, I will be sharing this wicked-awesome interview I did with a musician beloved by many folk music listening types. Heck, you might just know some of these fine folks already.

I kind of hate to tease you, especially after I got to the reveal so quickly, but I really think you should watch Karma Chameleon before I post this first video interview. It will all make more sense in the moment, but I have never led you astray before, have I?

I’m really excited about this first video interview too.

The lady who so graciously donated her time to speak with me, is incredibly talented and is very fun to talk with.

I should stop here though, because if I write too much more, I’m going to start giving things away, and I would really hate to do that. So stay posted folks, enjoy your week and I will be sharing more with you soon. As I am prone to say – I’m out of theories for now.

But tell me, what are some of your favourite music videos of the 1980s? Do you really think that Video Killed The Radio Star? Do you have any tips for me on YouTube interview channels I should be following?


A New Theory

This moment, we own it.

That phrase, or idea if you prefer, is from a wonderful song called We Own It, as made famous by the poets 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa. And it also happens to be the title track in one of my favourite soundtracks from my favourite movie franchise of all time. This song lays out exactly what an entrepreneur and/or creative should be thinking, on an unconscious level, at all times.

About a month ago, I hinted at the possibility of expanding this blogging experience of mine into a different direction, or rather that I was organizing something interesting for all you fine folks. Remember? If not, don’t worry, I’ve got a link that will help jog your memory. (see Space Jam)

Well the time to further peel back the onion has arrived, and I am happy to announce my intentions for the next layer of timotheories. My primary goal with this digital tapestry has been and will remain to be about finding health and happiness within the arts, but why not involve other experts and get their personal insights into specific areas of creativity?

The answer is that there isn’t a reason to stop this, because it’s my party and I’ll share with others if I want to.

So who am I bringing to said party to open things up? Well, I don’t want to give away too much just yet, especially because I want to allow her a proper introduction on a full blown post all her own, but I recently met up with a fantastic lady by the name of Renee Wood. Renee happens to be another Edmontonian with a hunger for community and thirst for the arts. How convenient for me that I had a chance to connect with her over iced coffee and talk about some of her thoughts on her field of interest.

This is a little teaser that highlights part of our interview, just enough to give you a taste. It’s so incredibly awesome, and because you are awesome, I know you will check it out. So ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out.

I especially liked this response in the clip, but I’ll expand upon the idea of habits in relation to risk-taking in the next post.

I guess going for coffee with people [helps] too, I know its a stereotypical one, but I don’t know, when you are talking to people, sometimes they just solve the problem for you, without you realizing that you even asked them the question.

Now I think the next order calls to give you some more flavour on the kinds of interviews that I will be conducting in the future – the plan is to get cool people who have creative interests (music, photography, dance, painting, comedy, theatre, board games, curating, etc.) to focus on a particular topic and then I will vibe with them. The reason for this strategy is that I want to cover a broad range of fields, but I also want to provide a practical set of topics that we can all draw from at any time and use it for growth, whether we are artists, athletes, business people, or whatever.

In other words, concepts like motivation and discipline are cross-functional traits, so that should make sense to anyone and apply thusly.

But what kind of examples do I have in mind, you ask? Let’s do it. Do you have questions about risk-taking? Or are you interested in what it’s like to date someone with a creative background, whether you have one or not? What about artistic siblings, how does that work? Where do you go to network? Seriously, there are lots of avenues to explore dear readers, and I promise it will be fun.

But for now, I’ve pretty much gone to the well in terms of theories, so I will leave you with this verse from We Own It, to ponder over.

What you say? Tell me what you say
Working hard, repping for my dogs, do this everyday,
Taking off, looking out for all, making sure we ball,
Like the mob all you do is call
Catch you if you fall, Young Khalifa

And don’t forget to tell me what you think dear readers. What kind of topics do you want me to cover in the foreseeable future? What kinds of experts do you want to hear from? Leave a comment or send an email. I’ll reply, I promise.


Introduction To Theory

Hello and welcome to my blog! This is my digital platform, soapbox, gallery, lounge, theatre, and studio.

My primary intention with this blog is that I can inspire not only myself to keep making art and putting it out into the world, but to provide a forum for others who care about the arts as well, whether they need a push or maybe some comfort in reading another artists journey. This blog is about finding health and happiness within the arts, and as the tagline at the top of the page suggests, whatever tangent it goes off to at any given point, it will always be digital curating at heart. I say heart, because I am passionate about art, and I don’t think you can have heart without art, now can you, dear reader?

Moving right along… I should introduce myself. My name is Timothy, but most people I know call me Tim. I am an Edmonton Alberta born and raised guy, and for those of you who live here or have lived here, you know that Edmonton has an interesting relationship with the arts.

Just look at this snippet, which is my favourite part of the Wikipedia entry on Edmonton.

Edmonton is a cultural, governmental and educational centre. It hosts a year-round slate of festivals, reflected in the nickname “The Festival City”.[14] It is home to North America’s largest mall, West Edmonton Mall (the world’s largest mall from 1981 until 2004),[15] and Fort Edmonton Park, Canada’s largest living history museum.[16]

We Edmontonians have lots of potential to make cool art because of already existing attractions and because the terrible weather months give us focus whenever the snow dumps down. I kinda timed my first entry with the start of winter to illustrate exactly this point. So we should look at West Edmonton Mall (WEM or The Mall to lots of us) and Fort Edmonton Park for a moment. I grew up within walking distance of The Mall and have been fascinated by the hustle of malls ever since. I attribute a great deal of my interest in pop culture to the weird whims and details of WEM. It is an ever-changing behemoth that features items like an indoor amusement park, an indoor water park, a massive theatre that once hosted a fire breathing dragon, and even a dinner theatre. The other tidbit of that Wikipedia entry I really enjoy is about Fort Edmonton Park, nestled alongside the North Saskatchewan River in the SW quadrant of Edmonton. Fort Edmonton happens to have a very vibrant group of interpreters who all seem to be involved in the Edmonton theatre community in one capacity or another. What is even better about this place is that both of my brothers work here in the summer months and so I’ve learned a lot about the character of that hub.

I am also hoping that the more I write about my local community, the more this blog will turn into an arts lifestyle view (guidebook?) for the creative sojourners out there. And so I believe that I must talk about the arts! But the more you get to know me, the more you will see that while I personally cannot live without art in my life, we all benefit from it in one way or another.

Mind you, I am not just interested in the goings on of Edmonton, I mean I love Edmonton, otherwise I wouldn’t have stayed after I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Art and Design) from the University of Alberta, but I am also interested in Canadian culture and whatever is going on in the world at large.

Even more so, this blog is not just going to be an academic piece where I write about the goings on at the Art Gallery of Alberta, the Jubilee Auditorium or independent sources like Vue Weekly, though I do love all of those things. No, I am going to get into pop culture too. I am a huge movie buff, love all kinds of music, and game with the best of them (board and video), oh and dancing too. Dance is amazing.

Now I am going to tell you how you can get involved! Please leave comments! I am no stranger to criticism and encourage healthy discussion. I went through 4 years of professional art criticism, so your feedback is appreciated, and encouraged.  What if you want to email me? Please do, you can hit me up at

That’s all the theories I have right now.