Overcoming Differences, Thru Film (Cross Talk Ep. 25)



I’m gonna skip the preamble on this episode of Cross Talk. Racism, bigotry and prejudice are big problems in this world we live in, and each of us has a responsibility to deal with it accordingly.

This week Chris, Mike and I tackle the genre defying themes cross-section once more, focusing on how to overcome differences in films. We have some great examples with The Terminal, Gran Torino, and American History X, all examples of race relations, coming at them from unique perspectives.

I urge you to watch this episode with care and full attention, because it’s a serious subject and one dear to my heart. I hope you get a lot out of watching it, because we put a lot of heart into filming it, and while we have fun at the beginning, it gets professional right quick.

This is episode 25 of Cross Talk. This is overcoming differences through film.

I hope that meant as much for you as it did for us on the Cross Talk team.

Yes, the subject matter at hand is difficult to think about and to address in your own lives, but we cannot move forward as a society without overcoming our differences and learning to work together better. I have this theory that films like the ones we’ve listed above are excellent vehicles to teach this idea of celebrating diversity.

But what about you? Do you think sharing American History X in high schools would be a bad idea or a good one? Please, please, please like, share, and comment on this video. We want your feedback! Thanks for your continued support creative cuties, this project wouldn’t be possible without you.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, I’m off to bang my head with some punks while I listen to Descendents at Union Hall. Live your life!



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