Why Keanu Was Born To Play John Wick (Cross Talk Ep. 23)


I think it’s safe to say that when you really start to watch a lot of films like me (read: five new ones a week), themes show up in patterns, actors run across movies, and tropes abound. This means that when the world is asking for more live action Disney adaptations, we offer you insight into the process of death. In this case, we is Me, myself and Irene.

Just kidding, there isn’t much in the way of death in that movie.

But it’s not like Jim Carrey can’t act in movies that feature death – The Number 23 is an interesting example, for instance. It’s a terrible movie to be sure, but it explores ideas of murder, death, and mental health in quite a hot mess. If you haven’t seen it, I’m actually going to stick my neck out and suggest you give it a shot. It’s super messed up.


So yeah, death is a great theme to explore in film. That being said, it’s way too obvious to focus in on death scenes that show up in movies, and definitely, definitely not films with the word death in their title.


Death, Death, Die, Die


Which is why Chris and I decided this week was a perfect time to continue our exploration of themes that defy genres and to deviate completely from the obvious examples of death in film. Instead, we pay special attention to three of our favourite movies about death, featuring the return of Mike Dadural. Mike’s choice features a lot of violence in it –

A sweet story about a man that loved and lost, then somehow inadvertently pissed off a russian gangster. That gangster retaliated by stealing his car, and straight up murdering the bereaved’s new puppy. A puppy which was purchased by a dying wife that knew such a gift would help in healing.

That movie is John Wick. And it is likely the swan song of Keanu Reeves career. Plus we talked about a movie from the 90s about med students that go legally dead and bring each other back to life. AND we talk about an Oscar bait Will Smith movie that includes at least seven pounds worth of vital organs before a planned suicide.

This is episode twenty three of Cross Talk. This is death as a part of life.

Man we have good chemistry, it’s like Mike was born to play this role. Bad pun? Yes. The truth? Double yes.

But what did you think of the episode? Any comments on how we can do things differently? Would you have chosen the three films that we did? We really do want you to join in on the conversation and let us know what you thought!

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