Love On Repeated Viewings (Cross Talk Ep. 20)

Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk by again?

Some people swear by the theory that true love happens once in a lifetime, that love conquers all, that we can fall in love instantaneously, our one and only special someone is always nearby, and a host of other dreamy ideals.

But while we all love to hear a good story about someone reconnecting with an old friend and it working out, that is definitely the exception and not the rule. The rule is pretty much this, love is based on chemistry. Not the intangible ethereal substance which connects one person to another via romance, but literal chemistry based on biological sciences. We tend to be attracted to that which we already know and what we are like ourselves.

Like attracts like.

So if you spend more time understanding what initially attracts you to someone in the first place, you’ll be better equipped for companion love over a lifetime.

Art, Love, and Time Travel

Film does a great job of demonstrating the power of love, both within it’s themes and as a vehicle of interest. For instance, I love some films immediately, but others need a few sit downs before I really engage with them, still others are enjoyable at first but lose their lustre over time, and some will never have my attention.

But today we want to discuss the films which are better representations of enduring and companion type love, films which get better on subsequent viewings and which enrich you over time. These films can be instantaneous winners, slow burn thinkers OR surprising dark horses, but no matter how they hit you, they’re better on a second viewing.

One of the more impassioned debates Chris and I have had in a little while, but rightly so, we’ve discovered that aesthetics, love, and time travel often demand a second viewing before you’ll be committed fully.

Episode number twenty of Cross Talk is surely our best one yet. But don’t take my digital word for it, click on the video and see for yourself. Otherwise you might never learn what two movies got Chris up in arms over my sidewinder commentary!

Enjoy creative cuties!

I bet you weren’t expecting such a huge list of movies in a short twenty minutes were you? You’ll probably have to go back and watch this one again to really experience it all, at least that’s my theory anyway… ┬áBut honestly, what did you think of our choices? Would you have suggested something different? Who do you think won the debate? Please join the conversation and let us know what you thought!

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