Genre Benders (Cross Talk Ep. 19)

Some of the best experiences of life need to happen within a certain sequence. Otherwise they just won’t happen at all. For instance, you have to go through the standard education system, taking (and passing) classes throughout primary school, followed by middle school, and then working through secondary school, before you can finally go to that graduation ceremony and throw your cap in the air, like you just don’t care.

Except that you do care. And that’s okay.

Rituals are important in life, and we should experience them fully so that we can transition from one stage to the next with no regrets.

Except that no one gets through life without regrets.


Life is interesting that way, while a coming of age story for one person can be seen as comedy, for some it’s a fantasy, for another it’s a drama, and for others a tale full of horror.

Movies always find the best ways to showcase the subtle difference of life and no matter with the core message of the movie at hand, you can be sure that numerous genres have tackled the story at hand…

Which is why today, Chris and I explore some of the more common themes we see in film and how they really do span genres. These are genre defying themes, if you will. We’ll be chasing after the loss of innocence, coping with loss, triumph over adversity, good vs evil, and overcoming differences.

Don’t expect this to be a deep dive of the themes I just mentioned though, I want to give a sense of what exists out there, before we decide to focus in on one or another, otherwise we’d have over an hour of content on our hands, and nobody’s got time for that!

This is episode nineteen of Cross Talk friends! It’s going to have laughter, tears, anger, excitement and all kinds of references to films you know and love. Some of them which you would never expect to share a connection. In some cases I was surprised at what we came up with, to be honest. But enough preamble… Dig in!

I hope you enjoy this one creative cuties. Were you surprised by what we came up with? Did you like our movie examples? Did you expect us to cover some different themes then we did? I’d love to hear what you thought! Cross Talk is a conversation, after all.

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