Hit The Ice (timotheories February 2017)

Sometimes when you’re stoking the fire you’ll get sparks. Good or bad, it’s a consequence of taking a risk. And other times, what started out as a small flame turns into something so large you can’t help but feel the heat – hopefully you can handle the inferno.

As we already knew, the theme of timotheories this year is stoking the campfire. What that means for you and I is that I’m going to focus even more so on collaborations, sharing, caring, and all those warm and fuzzies which make intimacy so invaluable as a creative professional. Community brings us together and protects us from the cold.


Icebergs too.



When I look at the month of February I get excited, because as I continue to build that campfire with your help, I am slowly realizing that there is SO much left to accomplish this year, and that I’ve really only begin to see what’s in front of me and the timotheories brand. Kinda like an iceberg


So sit back for a moment or two while I work on my own marketing efforts, share the knowledge with you, and give you a proper education on what it means to be a creative professional in 2017. Do you have a logo for instance? Me neither, but that’ll happen.

Time to deep dive into February you art stars.

*Disclaimer* As always, every week I purchase an album and movie one week ahead of the actual review release and while I have the best intentions, I don’t always get what I want… so if you follow me on instagram (@timotheories) you can actually see what’s coming.

timotheories summarized – February

Stimulating Sundays – (02/05) Cross Talk Ep. 17, (02/12)Cross Talk Ep. 18, (02/19) mystery interview preview, (02/26) mystery interview
Melodic Mondays – (02/06) Train, (02/13) Sampha, (02/20) Elbow, (02/27) Alison Crutchfield
Theatrical Tuesdays – (02/07) Queen of Katwe, (02/14) Loving, (02/21) Arrival (02/28) Manchester By The Sea
Wisdom Wednesdays – (02/01) Environment, (02/08) Facebook How-To, (02/15) Sam Harris, (02/22) Governance
Timely Thursday – (02/02) timotheories February, (02/09) USS concert, (02/16) Valentines Day, (02/23) 89th Annual Academy Awards

This month should be fantastic, because even I don’t know what I’ll be doing for an interview – Maybe I’ll interview myself for once. That could be fun eh? Cross Talk will be continuing the discussions on film and we’ve decided to feature some interesting topics regarding franchise fatigue AND films you enjoyed more than expected. Maybe I’ll have a visual surprise or two in store for you also…

Mondays and Tuesdays are focused on qualities themes of struggle, isolation and communications, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some triumphs and laughter to be had in there. And of course my weekly dose of Wisdom will feature some more posts inspired by the OECD and how to market yourself better. Okay, and I do have a 5 L’s Of Language book by Sam Harris to read. The Timely entries should speak for themselves.


That’s all she wrote creative cuties. Stay frosty and wait for the weekend, that’s when you’ll see the first Cross Talk of the month, but I’m not gonna tell which topic I chose to start with it. Keep the theories rolling and I’ll be there to curate them.


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