Raise A Little Hell (timotheories November 2016)


You know what they say – if you don’t like what you got, why don’t you change it. If your world is all screwed up, rearrange it. Raise a little hell of your own.

That’s been my modus operandi ever since I broke up with my long-term partner in October of 2014. Just over two years ago, I found out she had been cheating on me, and it broke my heart into a thousand more pieces than had happened when I first learned she had a mental illness and would be living with her parents indefinitely a year prior. To put it into perspective, my life got flipped, turned upside down in the summer of 2013, and then once more in the fall of 2014 for good measure.

But from the infidelity and trust broken, I was given the gift of looking at my life as an individual once more. And an opportunity to realize that I could fight it, nay, I could right it. Not the relationship lost, but the identity regained.


So I raised a little hell, and it’s been one of the best things I could have ever done. My life purpose is back on track, and I’ll be rolling ahead at full steam ever since. Don’t stop believing dear readers. That’s right my friends, I’ve got more improvements to make with the timotheories brand, and lots of theories to share.

Let’s tackle that sumbitch named November with a great vengeance and furious anger.

*Disclaimer* As always, every week I purchase an album and movie one week ahead of the actual review release and while I have the best intentions, I don’t always get what I want… so if you follow me on instagram (@timotheories) you can actually see what’s coming.

timotheories summarized – November

Stimulating Sundays – (11/06) Cross Talk Ep. 13, (11/13) Georg Rockall-Schmidt preview interview, (11/20) Georg Rockall-Schmidt interview, (11/27) Cross Talk Ep. 14
Melodic Mondays – (11/07) Tove Lo, (11/14) Common, (11/21) Martha Wainwright, (11/28) Justice
Theatrical Tuesdays – (11/01) The Rocky Horror Picture Show, (11/08) Star Trek Beyond, (11/15) Morris From America, (11/22) Finding Dory, (11/29) Hell or High Water
Wisdom Wednesdays – (11/02) Accelerated Learning – 20 Hour Rule, (11/09) Facebook, (11/16) Housing, (11/23) Scott Snyder, (11/30) Income
Timely Thursday – (11/03) timotheories November, (11/10) Remembrance Day, (11/17) Artwork update, (11/24) Black Friday part 2

The year of all killer, no filler is on it’s last legs friends. Let’s make a final push and ensure that we live fast and die young. We have the capacity to see some really great things if we stick with our regimen. For instance, I already shared the Accelerated Learning theory from Josh Kaufman, but I’ve got some thoughts on Facebook, comic book writer Scott Snyder, and a further consideration of the principles outlined in my previous Postconsumers post.

Oh and you know, I ain’t gonna leave you on the flo, when you want some mo! My first ever international interview is on the books and ready to integrate itself into your nooks. And crannies. Featuring one YouTube personality in the form of Georg Rockall-Schmidt.

What about Cross Talk you say? Episode 13 and 14 are well on their way, already recorded and preparing for the cutting room floor. Maybe we’ll talk about spoofs or maybe we’ll discuss movie breakthroughs, but you can be sure it’ll be a good time. I got an AV guy helping us out for the first time. Oh yeah.

And those are all of the theories I can come up with for now friends. Please leave some comments, to let us know what you want to see in coming months and subscribe to the blog too! Love you creative cuties, keep it real for me.


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