Film Personality Tests? (Cross Talk Ep. 11)

Have you ever taken one of those standardized personality tests, dear readers? You know the ones – Myers Briggs, Jung, Eysenck, Keirsey, Rorschach, True Colors. The list goes on, and on. There quite literally dozens of these tests. Now, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, some of these tests are rooted in psychological practices and some are less so.

I know it’s incredibly surprising to learn that the list you love might be coming from a pseudo-science. But #realtalk. People lie on the internet.


People love to take tests that might reveal some insight that has supposedly been hidden from them. They get really excited when they find a quiz about Game of Thrones houses, the Marvel hero they are most like, the Harry Potter patronus they should have, and heck, even the most commonly used words that are associated with their identity, based on their first name, of course. Now I recognize that most of us realize there is little validity to these pop culture related tests(at least I hope most of us), but people have fun with them. So no harm, no foul right?

Well like anything in life, the answer is mostly definitely going to be… it depends.

If you’re taking these tests to reinforce some deeply rooted ideas you have about life, then I can most assuredly tell you that you need to check yourself, before you wreck yourself. On the other hand, if taking these tests reminds you to be a better person, than I won’t stand in the way of progress.

But let’s consider another challenge with tests like this; they often make sweeping generalizations, ones that mean almost nothing intelligible. So there’s that too. Which is why this episode of Cross Talk is going to flip all of that on it’s head. We’re going to use movies, to showcase why certain movies give you emotional triggers, common generalization people make about films, how making judgments about peoples tastes in movies can hurt, and some insights into your personality versus your tastes in movies.

This is episode eleven of Cross Talk, and like any good personality test, it’ll make you laugh, smile, and think. That afterglow will be worth it, you can count on it. But don’t take my standardized word for it – Retake the test later and (C) what I would say if you chose (A) throughout.

I’m out of theories once again, but please check back tomorrow for an album review by a mathcore band… Whatever that means to you. Please comment, subscribe, and share this with friends. We want to hear your feedback!