The Circle of Life (Megan Warkentin interview)

When I was a young warthog, I found that my thoughts were morbid and my labour was making me miserable. So I took a quick peek at John Ruskin and developed a problem free-philosophy – explorers always win. I needed to move away from my domestic environment, and even the primary school system to properly combine those processes of thought and labour, realizing that only exploration would get me on the true pathway.

Like Ruskin’s contemporary, Charles Darwin, I was forcing an evolution in myself for the sake of the bigger picture. The seemingly eternal struggle of the Brits, to expand but retain identity. Colonialism of the mind.


After all, exploration is one of those traits that earns you kudos when you succeed and admonishment when you fail. No risk, no reward as the saying goes. But what is really an truly at stake here friends?

Well, if you were to ask our featured artist interviewee of the month, I bet we’d learn a lot of things about stakes. Like, what happens when you read lots of books versus travelling the world, why extremists and risk-takers aren’t some of the brightest lightbulbs in the drawer, the importance of finding mentors to guide you on your journey, if ever so slightly, and how the British sport of cheeserolling can help make great paintings.

She’s a laid-back treasure hunter who loves to paint, has spent the better part of a decade honing her creative craft, and has more composed intensity then an undertaker, Megan Warkentin is our favourite pioneer of the arts at the moment. Pay careful attention to what she says in this interview because if you gloss it over, you’ll miss the point, and I cannot guarantee you’ll find your way back.

I really think you’ll get a kick out of this one folks, exploration is one of this life skills we all need when we pursue the arts, and Megan perfectly embodies this ideology. So sit down (or stand if you like) and get ready for episode twelve of timotheories interviews.

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Now let’s talk about connecting – Megan is so busy globetrotting that she’s difficult to get ahold of. So please send an email to and I’ll get in contact with her for you.

Lastly my sincerest thanks to Megan for being magical, magnetic, and major league. See you tomorrow with an album review by a crappy punk rock band, but the album is kinda revolutionary.