Time To Collect (Harvest Season)

When I originally decided to write about the topic of “harvest,” which was a super generic move on my part, I thought by the time this Thursday rolled around I would have an answer to this question and the words would just flow like a well churned butter.

Alas, I am sitting at my computer at 10:33PM MST, listening to Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer, taking in the after-glow of my third experience with Captain America: Civil War, and it occurs to me that I could go one of two ways with this post. I could either A) write about harvest time as I understand it, and recount memories of harvest related art or I could B) come up with a metaphor of harvest and where my head is currently at.

So what do you think I should do, dear readers? What makes the most sense based on what you know about me and the overall purpose of timotheories.com?

Well, I’m definitely gonna deliberate and stall for time while you come up with a valid response.


After all, quite literally, harvesting is a process of gathering the summer’s crop from the fields and if you don’t have an automated process like a large farm does, it’s the most labour-intensive period of the growing season. It usually includes reaping, handling, cleaning, sorting, and packaging. In many cultures and religions it signifies the end of the year, much like how spring signifies the beginning of the year – People hold festivals to celebrate this cycle of life.

But here’s the thing – it’s technically still September, thus harvest time isn’t quite there yet for us Canadians, and Americans have an even longer wait than I do, my friends. Which I guess that means I’ve already decided which direction to take this post.

It’s gonna be a primer for another theory I have about the importance of reaping the rewards of your creative efforts and then looking forward into the next challenge. And if I want to bring it back into the realm of timeliness I guess I’ve been putting off making my own art because of efforts to grow this website. Which means that I now that the structure is there I should start reaping the rewards and begin preparing for the next growing season.

With that said, I fully expect to move forward creative cuties, I wouldn’t be a very good expert if I couldn’t follow my own example, now would I? I’m out of theories for now, so look ahead, keep me accountable, and I’ll see you on Sunday with a new Cross Talk episode.


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