Strike A Fine Balance (Ryan Andrade preview interview)

After a long day at the office, salt mines or looking after the rug rat(s), we all need a bit of a breather, something to rejuvenate the mind, heart, and spirit. And that dear readers, is what we in the creative industry like to call striking a work/life balance.

Well to be honest, in any industry they would call it same thing, but some industries don’t realize the creative potential to be had in learning the art of balancing all of your responsibilities so that you can be fulfilled. Which is why I’ve spent some time thinking on this topic and ever vigilant to see if I can dig up any theories on balance.

That we way can all learn how to address it proper.

Luckily for you, my friends, I’m in the habit of making friends with people that are experts in exactly these types of skill sets. As the buddhist saying goes, when the student is willing, the teacher will appear.


You must be suspecting a pattern here. That I’m going to share a theory I unraveled all on my own, without any effort on my part, and which I’m building up to sharing, aren’t you folks?

No of course you aren’t, you read the title and so there isn’t a ton of mystery to be had here. After all, even though the website is called timotheories, you don’t need to expect everything to come from my own cranial activity.

Just like you, I need to spend time in recovery every once and a while, and it’s important for me to do this in order to maintain a healthy balance in my life.

Which is where Ryan Andrade comes in. He is a creative professional who is in the process of completing his bachelor of fine arts. He is also a journeyman welder. Ryan has found a way to make art and find creativity in everything he does, but this is not what I’m excited to share with you today, I’m sharing a single question from our interview that highlights his uncanny ability to combine separate concepts and strike a balance among them.

I’m incredibly stoked to be sharing this preview of episode 11 of timotheories interviews, you’re in for a treat!

Friends it really is time for you to sneak a peek of the Ryan Andrade interview… and don’t worry, you’ll still get the full meal deal, but for now, enjoy our brief Q&A interlude and the rest of your Sunday. It is the long weekend after all, so that means no work tomorrow!

I’m out of theories for now, dear readers! Have a fantastic night, and I’ll see you tomorrow with something featuring glass animals, and I’m not writing about porcelain.


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