Who Ya Gonna Call? (Cross Talk Ep. 3)

Spring is officially here dear readers! And that means it’s time for change, warmth, and appreciation. The circle of life, in all of it’s perfection. Death and rebirth.

If you want another less literal example, in the form of a metaphor, it’s like a phoenix rising from the ashes.


Frankly, it just feels good to step out of your home after a long winter; to remove those extra layers, and start spending time in nature – Maybe with a cool drink? Watching new life form from old, colour stem from the bland. Activity starts to peak all around and we get excited for the future.

How convenient then that this month’s Cross Talk episode is all about remakes in film. That’s right, we’re going to explore the depths of the film industry and discuss the supposed epidemic of movie remakes, how valuable they are, and whether or not Hollywood should give up the goose and get back to creativity.

As often is the case with assumption, there is a general sense from movie goers, that studios will cash in on successful franchises more often then they will venture outside and make a bet on a dark horse. That and the assumption that the general populace hates remakes.

Which is why Chris and I have decided to embrace the season and the hot topic of remakes with our atypical blend of humour, passion, and comfortability. We will ease you right in, much like a newborn, inviting you into the blossoming garden.

Okay, we’re sick of the spring metaophors timotheories!

All right, I can take a hint! I’ll dial it back. But not before I make a quick phone call to a beloved franchise that is about to hit *69 on everyone’s landline. #yeahiwentthere

Sure, Spider-man’s new costume is #hype right now, but what about the new Ghostbusters trailer, holy Moses that is getting a ton of internet hate. Especially as it relates to straw-men of gender and race. You’ll want to watch this episode for our thoughts on that pop culture gem alone.

I’ve included a direct link to the full video for you here, but as always the real action is just below for your convenience. If you want to jump right into the Ghostbusters debate, look for the 12:30 mark, otherwise, please sit back and enjoy Episode 3 of Cross Talk!

I’m out of theories for now, but please check back tomorrow for an untitled and unmastered album review. Something completely original, in other words. Please comment, subscribe and share this with you friends. We want to hear your feedback!


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