School’s Out Forever (Paige Knickle Interview Preview)

Remember when you were a kid and minutes felt like hours? When you were falling asleep at school and waiting for the bell to ring so you could go home… Especially when you were waiting for something fun to happen? Like presents or a visit from a loved one.


Well that’s how I feel today, I’m just counting down the minutes until I can press this next interview and share it with you dear readers.

You see, March madness has arrived and I’m in the process of putting the finishing touches on the final backlogged timotheories interview before we get into a regular routine.

But I made a mistake.

You see, I promised I would share a new interview with you this Sunday, and that’s not really the case. What I really want to do is to give you a teaser of things to come in this month’s entry before the real thing. This is because I’m test driving some new audio equipment and I want to get your feedback on the how things pan out sonically.

That’s why I am SO incredibly pumped to give you readers a sample Q&A from episode 7 of timotheories interviews!

“Coincidentally” of course, that relates to the theme of the month and the talent behind the topic.

This month’s featured artist is a multi-talented audio learner with a knack for improving her way out of the booth and onto the stage so-to-speak. I had the incredible fortune to sit down with her and discuss her passion for learning, how she manages to run a recording studio/ web design studio, perform operatic pop with her partner, get involved in local improv and pursue a second degree while in the midst of her twenties.

Below is a clip from our interview!

I’m ridiculously  excited to share this clip from the Paige Knickle interview and you will see the final result next week, but for now, enjoy our brief interlude and the rest of your Sunday. Why not spend it reading a good book or enjoying an activity that trains your brain, and learn from Paige’s mentor on how to stay active and happy? I know I’m going to do something fun tonight.

Probably read a graphic novel, to be honest.

I’m out of theories for now, dear readers! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and I’ll see you tomorrow for a great little album review featuring 1975.


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