Tick Tock, Tick Tock (Lucas Chaisson, Storytelling)

A post quite literally 5 months in the making. Holy moly! I owe an incredible debt to the patience of this months featured artist on timotheories interviews.

Lucas Chaisson did not complain once about my delays – he didn’t bother me, he didn’t get upset with me, he just let me do my thing and sort out this video interview as quickly as I was able to. And I hope the video does justice to the enjoyment I got out of spending a couple of visits better getting to know him.

And for that reason alone, I will happily admit he has been one the most thoughtful and considerate guests in my studio space yet!

Readers, you are in for an incredible opportunity with this one. Lucas is not only the first interview of 2016, but the first ever musician I have had the pleasure of speaking with for more than an hour and letting me pick their brain on camera.

And not only was he that engaging as an interviewee, but I loved his album Telling Time even more so.

Did I mention he gave a copy to me so that I could simply enjoy it for myself? When all I needed to do was check it out on bandcamp a few times to get a sense of the theme? Well let me tell you, he is very deserving of the accolades this record has gotten thus far. For instance, Telling Time was up for Solo Roots Recording of the Year at the 2015 WCMA’s, and when it made its initial opening on CKUA, it has number 2, and lasted in the top 30 for just over a month.

Just having finished some work with Northern Sessions, you should also check out the two music videos he released with them.

But enough preamble, as promised here is Episode 5 of timotheories interviews, featuring Lucas Chaisson.

Dear readers, what an experience this has been, I’m now back on track to release one of these interviews a month. If you haven’t had a chance to look at the back catalogue yet, here is a link to my YouTube channel. As always, please send me your thoughts via comments below and/or emails (timotheories@outlook.com).

Please also check out Lucas’ website and bandcamp page and buy his album. You won’t regret that decision.

And of course my sincerest thanks to Lucas for being levelheaded, lionhearted, and quite a lovely guy.


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