Now With Less Pulp (timotheories February 2016)

Hey there dear readers, today’s Timely Thursday post is gonna be relatively quick one. I just wanted to give you an update on some exciting developments coming down the pipe in the next few weeks.

The plan for a continued all killer, no filler year at timotheories is well under way and doesn’t look to slow down from here on out. It might just kill me put this content up on the regular, but I expect that it will be totally worth it. Let me break it down in a story for you…

You know that feeling when you buy the pasta at a restaurant because it’s cheap and you later regret the food baby in your belly? You could have got the slightly more expensive steak and vegetables, which not only would have given you your recommended intake of nutrients, but it would have left you feeling rosy?

NOT that I am endorsing either a carnivore or herbivore diet on timotheories, I leave that up to people much more invested in the ways of eating than I.

Feel free to substitute other protein rich foods like nuts, cottage cheese, etc. instead, if that’s your bag.

You don’t want to talk filler, trust me.

Which reminds me, if you think expressing music tastes can polarize a room, try talking about the kinds of food to eat and the ways to prepare them. Whoever teaches etiquette should really add that word to the list of table topics to avoid “at dinner” (of all ironies) or when “on the town.” That means don’t discuss food, music, money, religion, sex, and politics. Cut out the pulp.

So what can we talk about timotheories?

Well my friends, have I got something for you to share at the water cooler!

For starters, this weekend I am going to be recording the second episode of Cross Talk (intro post is here, episode is here) with cohost Chris Murphy. And we will be releasing that some time before the end of February – the topic is Realism VS Escapism in Film. Exciting, no?

Next up on the docket – timotheories interviews! I’ve been hinting at the release of the full length Lucas Chaisson interview since last Sunday, but this Sunday it’s going to be up in all of it’s glory. Preview clip below is here, in case you missed it last Sunday…

But that’s not it for interviews! Oh no! We’re also going to host the next of the interview series before the end of February; featuring a couple of musical comedians called Space Nunz. That promises to be a fun and fancy interview too!

AND last, but certainly not least, I’m going to put together the first ever Real Time Games (RTG) video for you. Explanation clip of RTG here. That’s right, I’ve mentioned it a couple of times now, but it’s finally going to show up into the rotation. So get ready for it sometime in soon! *Fingers crossed for February*

And that’s it dear readers, now you are in the know. I’m out of theories and timely things for the week, so have an excellent weekend, and I’ll catch you on Sunday for this month’s interview!




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