25 Years In The Making (Butterdome Craft Sale)

There are some events which can’t really be described properly with words alone. But you know them when you see them. And when you ‘experience’ them.

I cannot believe it’s been this long since this phenomenon known as Ghost first graced our lives back in 1990.

If you haven’t seen this movie before, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. You need to stop reading my post RIGHT NOW and go out and find a copy of Ghost. I don’t care if you use VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, a digital streaming service or have to read the script to accomplish this. It’s important dammit.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that point out of the way, I’m going to recap for those of you who decided to stick around anyway and give you a quick recap of the story of Ghost.

Sam Wheat and his fiancee Molly Jensen have just moved in together. Sam and his friend Carl Bruner work at a bank where Sam is responsible for many important accounts including their passwords. Molly happens to be a very talented ceramic artist.

On their way home from a movie date, the young couple are attacked by mugger Willie Lopez. There is a struggle and eventually Willie’s gun goes off, however Willie runs away. Sam chases Willie, but he eventually escapes. Once Sam turns around and comes back to Molly, he sees that he has been shot dead is now a ghost.

Later, Willie breaks into Sam and Molly’s home, but is scared off by Sam before Molly even knows what had happened. Because Sam can’t communicate with Molly, he visits a medium by the name of Ona May Brown, who can hear him, but not see him.

Sam asks Ona May to visit Molly, but she has no success convincing his grieving girlfriend. Carl also warns Molly to stay away from Ona May and leaves for Willie’s apartment where Sam learns Willie was supposed to steal the account passwords from Sam’s wallet for Carl, so Carl could carry out a drug money laundering operation.

The movie celebrated it’s 25th anniversary this summer and as I mentioned, if you haven’t seen it before, you are shorting yourself of a really great story. And also a pretty fantastic piece of pottery pop culture which has sparked numerous interpretations over the years!

Some of my favourites follow below:






But what does this have to do with today’s post? Well, I may have set myself on a fool’s errand with my buildup of today’s Timely Thursday entry, but I still think that I can tie this all together, outline this event for you, and convince you to come check it out.

The title is “25 Years In The Making,” both the movie Ghost and this event involve the art of making or “crafting”, both have existed for 25 years, AND both feature pottery, which happens to be an art form.

So there you go!

Let’s not argue semantics, but you are right – this event hasn’t spent 25 years in development dear readers, that was just a play on words on my part. And given that I’m going to be writing about The Butterdome Craft Sale today, I think it’s only fair that I emphasis that this bi-annual event takes place just ahead of Christmas every year and also in the spring in anticipation of summer fun and parties.

The Butterdome Craft Sale is a landmark for Canadian handmade products, and as I mentioned earlier, it happens to be celebrating a fairly major anniversary this year, just in time for Christmas shopping or holiday shopping if you prefer. An event that spans Thursday – Sunday, and usually on the first weekend of December, The Butterdome Craft Sale features artwork (paintings, sculpture, glasswork, decor, etc.), fashion, jewellery, health and wellness, food, and entertainment. Also Christmas ornaments.

You can find something here for just about everyone, and I usually do most of my shopping during this weekend. I also really enjoy taking the time to talk with the vendors and get to know a bit more about them and their craft.

Now, the dates – It just so happens to be taking place RIGHT NOW. It takes place between December 3-4 (10-10) and 5-6 (10-5), so don’t sit on your laurels. Get out there!

Okay, but you need directions.

The Butterdome building is located on the University of Alberta Campus in south Edmonton. You can get there via the LRT (University and Health Sciences), by bus, or find a parkade on campus. The building is bright yellow, so it’s pretty difficult to miss, but the south corners are 116 st/87 ave and  114 st/89 ave.

I really do hope you check it out, I promise you’ll enjoy it. That’s all I’ve got this week folks. Enjoy your weekend.