Holy Subversion, Art, Man! (Campbell Wallace, Finding Balance)

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Well, it looks like the time has finally arrived for me to share with you my newest, shiniest and most fine art driven interview to date. Folks, I am quite literally shaking in my office chair at the prospect of sharing this one with you. I introduced Campbell Wallace to you, albeit briefly, last week, but am incredibly nervous and proud of this one.

I think you need to take a look at his website before you watch this interview though. I’ll wait here, while you are searching another corner of the internet.

Done? Good.

Looking at his paintings, his interest in the details and nuances of life drew me to his work pretty much immediately. But I will admit that it also challenged me too. Cam doesn’t just make party paintings from found photographs, he pours everything into them. From art history, to modern relics of culture, to concepts of identity and value, all of these qualities exist in his paintings.

When you speak to him, you quickly realize that the reason why his art is capable of acknowledging all of these various layers simultaneously is because whether it is all obvious or not, you’re getting an opportunity to look into his head.

And so I decided that it would beneficial for you to have that opportunity too. From reality TV, to emojis, to dignitaries, Cam and I had a very nice conversation about finding balance in life and I really think he has some great ideas there.

So here it is, my interview with Campbell Wallace. And for you rebels, it’s here too.

Dear readers you are seriously in for a treat. But don’t take my word for it, check it out!

Well its time for me to mosey along. The sun has set and the cows have come home, enjoy these theories, soak them in. And please send me your thoughts. I love comments and emails.

And of course my sincerest thanks to Cam for being candid, clever, and incredibly compassionate.