The Pursuit of Purity (Andrew Wedman, Minimalism)

Andrew Wedman, of Andrew Wedman Design, is both an illustrator and a graphic designer – he doesn’t like to limit himself to one media of expression. But don’t let that fool you into believing that he has no discipline, no code of honour which he adheres to.

Like the TV show Community (read:one of my all-time favourite shows), Andrew is one of those rare individuals who is both succinct and clever in his approach to life and to his pursuits, casually sharing of himself and his interests in ways that are hopeful and genuine. On the off chance you have not watched The Wire before, I’ve provided the original clip(s) that the above Community clip lovingly parodied from, to further drive home my point.

So, as you will come to see, Andrew is very much of the mindset that how you conduct yourself defines who you are, and he works very hard to ensure that his internal compass points him in a direction which is healthy and conducive to his belief system. That of a minimalist.

Dear readers, we are in for a treat, because believe it or not (if you haven’t guessed at this point), my second timotheories interview is with Andrew Wedman! I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to sit down over iced chai and milk with this gentleman – When I met up with Andrew a few weeks back to discuss why he chooses to be a minimalist, I was very excited to have learned what makes him tick by simply talking through some basic questions like what he does with his possessions, to covering some more complex topics like how he develops his concepts from inception to completion.

I will tell you this much, it is an exciting 30 minutes that you won’t want to miss!

Please click on this link to be transported to a world where topics like the auto industry, the movie Demolition Man, and material possessions are all on the table for discussion. This is a great interview folks.

I think you will really understand what I mean about his dedicated discipline as you watch the video and get to review some of the work from his portfolio.

Running at about 30 minutes, we go through the pursuit of purity.

And so we’ve discussed some of my theories on minimalism and that’s about all I can ration this week. I would love to know what you think; please leave some comments. Lastly, a very big thank you to Andrew for being awesome, available and altruistic.



  1. Amanda Wall · August 21, 2015

    I love hate the background noise. This one in particular, Andrew’s voice didn’t stand out fr the noise enough making it more difficult to really listen.

    I look forward to more interviews.

    Liked by 1 person

    • timotheories · August 21, 2015

      It was definitely a difficult stylistic choice to make. I think going forward when making “audio only” interviews, I may choose less ambient locations or scrap that setting altogether. I think you’ll enjoy the next one, we’re trying a different format out!


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