Risk-Taking, A Game of Internal Domination (Renee Wood, Risk)

Hear ye, hear ye – I decree this blog now open for the business of interviews.

And what a first interview we have! Guys, I am so excited about this, it’s all I’ve been working on and thinking about over the past week. I mean I even forgot to feed myself once or twice. Just kidding. Or am I??

So very recently I had written about a new theory I am exploring on timotheories, and I’m happy to announce today I am unveiling the first of those posts. Have I mentioned that I am so excited about this? Identifying experts, getting their opinions and feedback, and building community, especially locally in Edmonton.

Without too much more pomp, because this lady is awesome all on her own, and you WILL witness this in her witty and candid responses to my questions, I am very happy to introduce Renee Wood, of Renee Wood Design, who has a similar level of outrageous passion for her city and the characters that fill it. I think both Renee and I can both agree with The Wolf when he says that “because you are a character, doesn’t mean that you have character.”

I might have gotten side-tracked there for a second.

I really wanted to talk with Renee about risk-taking, specifically because she is a recent graduate and there are so many opportunities out there for young professionals – And so we really dug in and thought about the implications of life filled with risk, how to organize your life with positive habits to be ready for risks, and we even spoke about destiny for a moment or two. Which reminds me of this great track by Childish Gambino called That Power, where he may have misused the word destiny and learned a lesson along the way.

Okay, I definitely got side-tracked that time.

But now you’re thinking, okay Tim, where is the mother ducking link to the interview? Don’t worry dear readers, here it is.

Also it’s here too if you prefer.

And for you sneaky types, you can find it here.

Lastly, for the non-conformists, this link works too.

I hope you really enjoy this, I know I enjoyed making it. And I really am really looking forward to the future of this format, as I already have lots of cool people jumping up and down fervently, waiting for their chance, their opportunity, to capture it and not let it slip.

Now I have some theories down, and that’s all I think we can handle for today. But as always, please let me know what you think.

Today’s instalment of timotheories has been brought to you by the letter R. For rad or wait, was it risk-taking? No it’s definitely for Renee, because this wouldn’t have happened without her. Thank you so much Renee! You are a renegade.


One comment

  1. Amanda Wall · August 21, 2015

    I enjoyed your first interview!

    Some of what Renee is saying is like listening to a younger me. Those same things I disagree with now that I’ve accumulated additional experiences to help me define how I work and interact with clients.

    Excellent hearing her thoughts.


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