A New Theory (Renee Wood, interview preview)

This moment, we own it.

That phrase, or idea if you prefer, is from a wonderful song called We Own It, as made famous by the poets 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa. And it also happens to be the title track in one of my favourite soundtracks from my favourite movie franchise of all time. This song lays out exactly what an entrepreneur and/or creative should be thinking, on an unconscious level, at all times.

About a month ago, I hinted at the possibility of expanding this blogging experience of mine into a different direction, or rather that I was organizing something interesting for all you fine folks. Remember? If not, don’t worry, I’ve got a link that will help jog your memory. (see Space Jam)

Well the time to further peel back the onion has arrived, and I am happy to announce my intentions for the next layer of timotheories. My primary goal with this digital tapestry has been and will remain to be about finding health and happiness within the arts, but why not involve other experts and get their personal insights into specific areas of creativity?

The answer is that there isn’t a reason to stop this, because it’s my party and I’ll share with others if I want to.

So who am I bringing to said party to open things up? Well, I don’t want to give away too much just yet, especially because I want to allow her a proper introduction on a full blown post all her own, but I recently met up with a fantastic lady by the name of Renee Wood. Renee happens to be another Edmontonian with a hunger for community and thirst for the arts. How convenient for me that I had a chance to connect with her over iced coffee and talk about some of her thoughts on her field of interest.

This is a little teaser that highlights part of our interview, just enough to give you a taste. It’s so incredibly awesome, and because you are awesome, I know you will check it out. So ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out.

I especially liked this response in the clip, but I’ll expand upon the idea of habits in relation to risk-taking in the next post.

I guess going for coffee with people [helps] too, I know its a stereotypical one, but I don’t know, when you are talking to people, sometimes they just solve the problem for you, without you realizing that you even asked them the question.

Now I think the next order calls to give you some more flavour on the kinds of interviews that I will be conducting in the future – the plan is to get cool people who have creative interests (music, photography, dance, painting, comedy, theatre, board games, curating, etc.) to focus on a particular topic and then I will vibe with them. The reason for this strategy is that I want to cover a broad range of fields, but I also want to provide a practical set of topics that we can all draw from at any time and use it for growth, whether we are artists, athletes, business people, or whatever.

In other words, concepts like motivation and discipline are cross-functional traits, so that should make sense to anyone and apply thusly.

But what kind of examples do I have in mind, you ask? Let’s do it. Do you have questions about risk-taking? Or are you interested in what it’s like to date someone with a creative background, whether you have one or not? What about artistic siblings, how does that work? Where do you go to network? Seriously, there are lots of avenues to explore dear readers, and I promise it will be fun.

But for now, I’ve pretty much gone to the well in terms of theories, so I will leave you with this verse from We Own It, to ponder over.

What you say? Tell me what you say
Working hard, repping for my dogs, do this everyday,
Taking off, looking out for all, making sure we ball,
Like the mob all you do is call
Catch you if you fall, Young Khalifa

And don’t forget to tell me what you think dear readers. What kind of topics do you want me to cover in the foreseeable future? What kinds of experts do you want to hear from? Leave a comment or send an email. I’ll reply, I promise.


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